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Ace Weekly

Aug 26, 2019

REACHING YOUR POTENTIAL: The growth community constantly talks about the concept of human potential. But how does one go about reaching that potential? This week, Andrew and Luke discuss the relationship between belief and the actions you need to take to start tapping into your potential. People get caught in either an...

Aug 19, 2019

Stop Scamming Yourself

Is college a scam? There are many problems with the current landscape of education in America. Luke and Andrew discuss the value that college really brings students and how to gain the most from a college experience (or any other environment that you are in).

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Aug 13, 2019

Strategic Planning: The ability to properly and effectively utilize and manage your time is one of the best skills that you can have in business. Everyone is given the same 24 hours. Those, however, who learn to strategically plan and execute the use of their time will always rise above the rest. This episode brings you...