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Ace Weekly

Aug 26, 2019

REACHING YOUR POTENTIAL: The growth community constantly talks about the concept of human potential. But how does one go about reaching that potential? This week, Andrew and Luke discuss the relationship between belief and the actions you need to take to start tapping into your potential. People get caught in either an upward or downward spiral of confidence that gets them closer or further from their fully realized potential. Tune in this week to see how you can use it to your advantage.

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00:19- Intro
03:30- Andrew’s magic career
07:30- Seeing people for who they can become
09:30- Fear of potential
13:00- Proving yourself right 
16:00- The role of certainty in your potential
18:30- The flow of potential, actions, results, and belief
20:00- The upward and downward spiral of confidence 
23:30- The 4-minute Mike phenomenon
24:30- How your potential effects others 
26:00- Getting real certainty & genuine belief
32:00- Visualizing your results