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Ace Weekly

Aug 19, 2019

Stop Scamming Yourself

Is college a scam? There are many problems with the current landscape of education in America. Luke and Andrew discuss the value that college really brings students and how to gain the most from a college experience (or any other environment that you are in).

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00:19- Intro

03:10- Is college a scam?

06:00- What’s wrong with college

08:00- College’s return on investment

11:00- The biggest investment you make

13:30- Why do you need a degree?

16:00- Managing your priorities

17:30- The real value of college

20:00- Making the most out of college

22:00- Building social capital in college

26:00- Developing leadership skills

31:00- Prioritizing grades 

33:00- Why you should go to class

34:00- Getting scholarships

36:00- Don’t graduate with debt

38:00- How to make the most of any experience