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Ace Weekly

Dec 2, 2019

#2020Vision- Episode 3


Goal setting is an art. Most people have something vague in mind they’re striving for over the next year. They want to get better, they want to learn, they want to grow. But how do you set real meaningful goals that last? How do you set goals that challenge you, but aren’t completely out of reach? 


If you want to achieve the extraordinary and experience success in all areas of your life, mastering the art of goal setting is critical for your #2020Vision.


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Andrew Evans  - @andrewevansofficial

Luke Miseyko - @lukemiseyko


00:19- Intro

03:00- Part 2 of the #ACE2020Blueprint

05:45- The art of goal setting

08:00- Goals vs Dreams

09:15- Specificity and magnitude of your goals

12:30- Self-awareness in goal setting

14:20- Falling short of massive goals

17:00- Aim high

19:30- Rationalizing massive goals 

21:00- Strong why’s behind your goals

24:00- Being obsessed with your goals

27:00- The 6 F’s

28:00- Goals with clear action steps

29:30- Non-negotiables and requirements 

31:00- Pick a date for your 2020 planning