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Ace Weekly

Jul 29, 2019

Develop The Habits of Winning: Everything comes down to the habits that you have: This INCLUDES the HABIT of winning or losing. People that win- always win. People that lose- consistently lose. This podcast will explain WHY it is important to develop the mentality of a champion and what you need to decide if you want to become someone that WINS in all areas of their life.

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00:19- Intro 

1:30- The sting of losing

4:20- Your life is determined by your habits

5:00- Winning and Losing is a habit

6:01- How top performers have the HABIT of winning

7:22- Winners don't lose twice

9:10- Conor McGregor VS Nate Diaz

11:30- You cannot be OK with losing

14:00- Do something about it