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Ace Weekly

Apr 2, 2019

What is your potential? What are you truly capable of as a human being and what's stopping you from tapping into that? This week, Andrew and Luke tackle the importance of shifting your identity to fulfill your goals and desires. They’ll breakdown the science on how your thoughts affect your reality and how identity shifts drive your actions and belief systems. This episode will give you some REAL strategies that you can use to shift your identity in a way that is more conducive to your own success. 

Who you become is dictated by your ability to shift your identity. You DO NOT want to miss this episode!



00:20- Intro to today’s show

04:00- Weekly review

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07:00- The mental game and the importance of how you think

09:20- How our thoughts affect the physical universe

11:30- Your reticular activating system

14:45- The science behind the law of attraction

16:25- The #1 thing that can transform who you are

21:40- The problem with millennials and why they don’t create lasting change

24:30- Your identity floor and identity ceiling

26:25- The Upper Limit problem

30:50- How to change your identity

33:55- Living up to your potential

37:25- Seeing greatness in people’s potential

41:10- Working backwards to figure out the identity you need to accomplish your goals

44:00- Auditing your thoughts

46:20- Exercises to help with auditing your thoughts

48:30- Programming your subconscious to work for you

53:00- What identity do you need to assume to get the results you want