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Ace Weekly

Jun 15, 2020

89% of full-time workers spend more time at work than at home, and WHO you are surrounded by is arguably the most influential aspect of your life. Whether you are the one hiring or you’re the one getting hired, the process of finding the right people is critical for leaders and entrepreneurs. This has only become even more important as the world is ravaged by coronavirus & chaos. We are entering a time where more entrepreneurs will cross the millionaire threshold than ever, and partnering with the right people is paramount.
Hiring expert & entrepreneur David Lee Jensen joins the podcast this week. David is a 2-time best selling offer, fortune 50 speaker, and CEO committed to impacting the world through entrepreneurship. Whether you are a recent college graduate trying to get hired out of college, or a business owner looking to hire the right person to your team, David provides the blueprint for surrounding yourself with the right people for your business & your life. The people you choose changes the trajectory of your life, but most people & companies are more desperate than they are diligent in the hiring process. Regardless of your situation, David provides wisdom & value when it comes to putting yourself in a position to win with the right people around you. 
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00:19- Intro
02:30- Introducing David Lee Jensen
05:00- How David got started with entrepreneurship
08:00- Learning entrepreneurship 
14:00- The people you choose change the trajectory of your life 
18:00- Desperate vs diligent in hiring
22:00- Guidelines for a great hire
27:00- Hire your weaknesses
30:00- How to land the job you love
34:00- Onboarding, retention & culture
44:00- How do entrepreneurs change the world
49:00- Finding your purpose