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Ace Weekly

Sep 16, 2019

PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING: Your problems are only as big as you let them be. You will find evidence to support whatever perspective you have in life whether it’s positive or negative. The power of perspective allows you to turn your problems into gifts that help you learn.  Our perspective shifts dramatically throughout our lives, but at what point does that perspective stop changing? This week Andrew and Luke talk about the power of perspective when it comes to your problems, money, time, and your business. 

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00:19- Intro
05:30- Andrew’s first business
07:30- Taking ownership of your results 
09:00- Perspective is everything
10:15- Shifting your perspective 
12:00- Has your perspective stopped shifting?
16:00- The importance of a positive perspective 
18:00- How your brain looks to support your perspective
21:00- The magnitude of your perspective 
23:00- Perspective for your problems
25:30- Long term perspective