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Ace Weekly

Feb 9, 2021

Anyone who listens to this show probably prides themselves on thinking BIG. We seek to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves to us. 

This week John-Paul Iwuoha, a business transformational specialist, joins the show to talk about global business. Africa is a NEW FRONTIER of entrepreneurship. Amazing things are already being done in Africa in regards to local and global entrepreneurship. As one of the worlds fastest growing emerging markets, it’s easy to overlook Africa with how it’s painted by the mainstream media. Listen to this week’s show to hear how emerging markets like Africa can be the key to the growth of your business and creating the life you want. The resources are available, the opportunity is there... can you be the one to take advantage of it?

John-Paul’s wisdom shines through as he shares his experience in global markets and countless success stories across the continent of Africa. LISTEN NOW to take advantage of John-Paul’s special ACE WEEKLY offer to the first 100 listeners!


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00:20- Intro 

03:00- Introducing business transformation specialist John Paul Iwuoha

08:00- Why NOW is the right time

12:00- The key to finding your passion and overcoming the fear of regret 

17:00- Why it’s easier to become an entrepreneur now more than ever

21:00- Global business opportunities and the new frontier 

34:00- How Africa has been misrepresented

38:00- Exploring entrepreneurship opportunities in global markets

46:00- How Africa has handled Covid

52:00- The Future of Leadership in Africa

57:00- 101 Ways to Make Money in Africa

1:01:00- EXCLUSIVE ACE WEEKLY SPECIAL for John Paul’s book