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Ace Weekly

Nov 23, 2020

What the hell is going on? The world is a complicated place, and most people are being programmed to believe lies perpetrated by those in power. They’re hidden from the truth. This week, Andrew is joined by boxing heavyweight champion David Nino Rodriguez. David recounts his life of adversity & resilience, and how it shaped him to become the heavyweight champion of the world. 


After his boxing career came to a close, David has transitioned his career to speak up for what he believes in. Every person needs to make a tough decision to stand up for what they believe in... even if that brings on a life of adversity. Everyone has a lesson to learn from David’s resilience.


David & Andrew discuss how bullying, near death experiences, and recovering from addiction shaped David into who he is today. One could argue that David is now even more passionate about what he’s doing speaking out about what he calls the "Great Awakening." Our country is in shambles, largely because of those that hold power in the silence. False flags throw people off their trail, and they’re bringing WW3 into fruition. Tune in to hear what David believe's is next in-store for our country. This is a fight for humanity- and an episode you don't want to miss.


00:19 Intro

03:00- Introducing heavyweight champion, David Nino Rodriguez 

06:00- Bullied into a champion

10:00- Listen & be coachable

14:00- Prefight routines

20:00- Near death experiences

27:00- Recovering from addiction

33:00- The Great Awakening

41:00- Fighting for humanity

46:00- The equation of the deep state: false flags

50:00- WW3: a war for your consciousness 

56:00- What is going to happen with the election?

1:02:00- The timeline on everything going down 

1:07:00- How to do your own research



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David’s book: 

When the Lights Go Out: From Survivor to Champion