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Ace Weekly

Dec 22, 2020

Everyone has heard the saying... FOLLOW YOUR GUT.


But have you ever wondered how and why you should follow your gut in the first place? Do you ever get those little inklings along the way? Being in touch with your intuition on a conscious level can seriously change your life. People talk about it all the time, but it’s typically always a little “out there” when it comes to these expansive topics. Serial entrepreneur & best selling author, JV Crum, joins this week to teach these concepts in a uniquely grounded way.


This episode features some next level thinking you won’t find many other places. JV Crum is the founder of Conscious Millionaire, which is dedicated to helping you grow your business by making a difference. JV walks us through how to find meaning rather than empty achievement, and gives us the 3 steps to truly FINDING YOUR PURPOSE! JV also includes some really valuable access for ACE Weekly listeners that you will NOT want to miss out on! Get more in touch with your purpose and intuition this week on ACE Weekly.







Listen for a surprise on getting ahold of JV Crum!


00:19- Intro

03:00- Introducing serial entrepreneur JV Crum

06:00- The conscious millionaire 

12:00- Chasing happiness

15:00- 3 steps to discovering your purpose

20:00- Making money fulfilling your purpose 

24:00- The 3 facets of every business

30:00- Getting into flow

35:00- Tapping into your intuition

40:00- The uniqueness of intuition patterns

47:00- JVs business accelerator