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Ace Weekly

Feb 10, 2020

QUIET YOUR MIND. Do you ever feel like your problems never really get solved? Or maybe you have a hard time with lingering addiction or trauma? Most people never properly take the time to get introspective about their own lives & trauma. The nature of the world today forces people to be in a reactionary state at all times, hindering them from proactively growing. 


This week, the host of the Mindset Mentor podcast, Rob Dial, joins Andrew Evans on ACE Weekly. Rob is a social media influencer in the personal development field with an audience of millions. He also runs a 7-figure coaching business specializing in neurology, psychology, and cognitive behavioral therapy. He discusses the value of introspection and how to truly quiet your mind. Andrew and Rob go back & forth on the science behind the law of attraction, why people have a hard time coming to grips with the changing norms of our society, as well as the mind-clearing effects of psychedelics. Rob offers unique insight on abstract concepts with an analytical approach. 


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00:19- Intro

03:00- Introducing Rob Dial

09:00- The power of mentoring, mentorship, and changing peoples lives

13:00- Escaping trauma with addiction 

16:00- The value of introspection & journaling 

20:00- To do list meditation

25:00- Change your life with quietness

29:00- The RAS & law of attraction 

35:00- Breaking out of the traditional system

38:00- Problems in society stemming from lack of acceptance

42:00- The clearing effects of Psychedelics

54:00- The process of taking time for yourself