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Ace Weekly

Sep 9, 2019

How often do you say you will do something and then you don’t follow through? Most people are incongruent with their words and their actions. We tell people what we’re going to do all the time, but people often fall short on their word. More importantly, how often do you tell yourself you’re going to do something and then you don’t do it? Whether it’s going to the gym, completing a task, or kicking a bad habit, being impeccable with your word will transform your life. Tune in to this week’s episode to learn how following through on your word helps you cultivate trust, increase confidence, and even expand your potential.

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00:19- Intro 
04:00- The 1 habit that can transform your life
06:30- The value of your word
08:00- Cultivating trust
10:00- What happens when you follow through on your word
11:00- Having trust in yourself
13:30- Increase your confidence & potential with your word
14:30- Audit yourself