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Ace Weekly

Feb 3, 2020

GET PAID $1000/HR. How do you value your time? Most people never think of their time monetarily. Whether or not you’re a business owner, certain tasks cost you $10/hr while others can generate thousands of dollars per hour. The highest paid entrepreneurs prioritize their time, and learn to delegate any work that doesn’t pay them what they’re worth. Find out why successful people pay others to do certain tasks while also taking ownership of the most important tasks in their business. 


00:19- Intro

03:00- What is your time worth?

07:00- Different tasks have different hourly rates

10:00- Why you should pay people to do things 

13:00- How most people are wasting their time

16:00- How you get promoted by valuing your time

18:00- When to delegate

20:00- Givers vs takers

24:00- Business owner mentality