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Ace Weekly

Dec 16, 2019

Tech entrepreneur, multi-business owner, and CEO of Vedal Media, Sigurd Vedal joins the podcast this week. Sigurd has too many accolades to list, but he is a master at finding niches in the entrepreneurship sphere and also built his social media following to over 1 million followers over the course of only 1 year. He shares tangible insight for entrepreneurs and business owners. But most importantly, he shares his eye-opening perspective on self awareness, finding your passion, and the happiness that comes from helping people through entrepreneurship. This is undoubtedly one of ACE Weekly’s most impressive interviews to date. Mixed amongst his tangible insight lies some deeply profound perspective that reflects how he’s designed his life in a way that taps into happiness and fulfillment.

00:19- Intro 

02:30- Introducing Sigurd Vedal

05:00- Sigurd’s background

09:00- The start to Sigurd’s entrepreneurship 

11:00- Mistakes and lessons from his early career 

15:00- The role of digital marketing

18:00- Finding a niche within a market

22:00- The wake-up call to escape a ‘normal’ life

26:00- Launching niche dating sites

33:00- Employee vs Entrepreneur mindset 

35:00- Knowing what you really want

44:00- How do you find your passion?

49:00- How people get caught where they don’t belong 

53:00- Knowing what makes you happy

56:00- Building a personal brand through social media

1:05:00- Using entrepreneurship to help people