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Ace Weekly

Mar 6, 2019

Are you ready to face the hard truth?


In the first episode of the podcast, Andrew explains that young people now have bigger goals than any generation before them. Unfortunately, the traditional path to “success” that has been preached to them their whole lives is misleading. We’ve been told achieving the “America Dream” requires a specific traditional path, but that is not the case today in America. People are not ready for what’s really coming. The current landscape is changing radically. 


The purpose of this podcast is to bridge the gap between what we’ve been told and what it really takes to achieve success in the ever-changing landscape of sales, entrepreneurship, and the American Dream.


Show Notes

00:20: Andrew lays the foundation for what to expect from the podcast

01:35: The request for today’s show and the movement overall

2:27: The goal for this podcast

2:55: Andrew’s background & the current state of younger generations in our culture

3:18: How younger generations have been conditioned and brainwashed 

4:25: Andrew’s critique on “The American Dream”

5:30: The job market for young people

6:08: What’s coming in our society and how we’ve been mislead

8:32: the purpose of the podcast and “closing the gap”

9:18: the inspiration for this podcast

10:40: Help this movement grow