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Ace Weekly

Apr 20, 2020


Coronavirus and its quarantining has spun the world into chaos. The economy, entire industries, and even people's family lives are being forced through major shifts. Chaos brings out everybody’s true colors, and the way leaders respond during these times produces a ripple effect throughout society.


This week we are joined by special guest Carlos Cordero, as we take a less structured approach to the podcast & have an open discussion about how leaders respond during these chaotic times. We discuss how industries are changing and how this unorthodox version of society is amplifying people’s true selves. There’s never been a time where discipline, intelligence, and habits have been more important to get ahead. 


Most people are hibernating... will you come out watching those that put in the work? Or will you be proud of the work you’ve done and come out stronger on the other side?


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Carlos Cordero - @carloscordero365



Show Notes

00:19- Intro

03:00- Introducing Carlos Cordero

05:00- Coronavirus update

11:00- Different schools of thought

14:00- Impact on innovation

21:00- True colors in chaos 

24:00- Covid-19’s impact on family life

29:00- How leaders treat challenge

34:00- Statistical manipulation & societal intelligence

40:00- Discipline & habits during quarantine