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Ace Weekly

Apr 8, 2019

What separates top performers? Especially in sales, there’s a lot of average-level performers out there, but there’s only few who are truly great at what they do. What is it that separates the good from the GREATS?


This week, Andrew interviews Ian Koniak, the top sales rep at Salesforce, a multi-billion dollar software sales company. Ian and Andrew focus on what is it that separates top performers in any industry. Ian is a top producer out of 35,000 representatives in his field, and he delivers the goods on how he handled adversity, faced challenges, and honed his craft to get to where he is today. He talks about finding your why, closing the gap on your potential, handling weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and more. No matter what industry you’re in, listen to this episode to find some techniques and habits that will take you to the next level!


Connect with Ian Koniak on Instagram: @IanKoniak



00:20- Intro to today’s show 

02:20- Introducing Ian Koniak, #1 sales rep at Salesforce

04:15- Ian’s upbringing in California

07:00- How Ian handled adversity through college

08:30- Ian’s college experience and his thoughts on post-college experiences

13:15- Putting yourself into experiences that force you to grow

15:05- How Ian got into sales

16:00- The importance of knowing your why and handling setbacks early on

19:45- Making the jump from sales to management 

22:00- Helping people be successful by leading through example

25:20- Using systems and processes to succeed 

28:30- Recognizing future trends and making career moves into the right field 

30:00- Acting on what you know to put yourself in the best possible position

31:50- Challenges Ian faced through his career shift into Salesforce

33:10- Tips for anyone going into a new industry 

36:05- Finding your why and the pursuit of your full potential

41:15- The value of work ethic and committing to always getting better

43:20- What separates people that are wildly successful

46:40- Humility amongst top performers

50:30- Handling your weaknesses and finding outlets for top performers

54:45- Letting go of the past and determining your future