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Ace Weekly

Mar 2, 2021


It’s been a wild ride these past 2 years, and Season 1 of ACE Weekly is coming to a close. We couldn’t be more grateful to our listeners & guests for their support during the first 2 years of launching this project. 


On this week’s episode, we’ve put together a greatest hits compilation from the past 2 years of podcasts & guests. Tune in this week for some of the best content we’ve covered on the show. We feature top guests such as Brad Lea & Rob dial, and we revisit some of our best episodes on simple switches you can make to change your life as well as keys to leadership in a post-pandemic environment. 


Whether you’ve been a loyal listener of every episode, or you’re hearing a few of these interviews for the first time, you won’t want to miss the best of the best clips from the last 2 years of growth!


Stay tuned for SEASON 2 of ACE Weekly this April. We’ll be releasing more episodes on a weekly basis as well as expanding our platforms and growing our community. There are BIG THINGS coming around the corner for the ACE WEEKLY ARMY!


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00:19- Intro 

03:45- Quiet your mind, the RAS & the law of attraction with Rob Dial

15:00- One switch to build massive confidence 

26:00- Mind, Money, Health & Honey with Brad Lea

43:00- Unlocking your potential

54:00- Leadership in the virtual world with Luke Miseyko & Carlos Cordero