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Ace Weekly

Jul 8, 2019

How can you effectively utilize your greatest asset? Back on episode 04, we talked about your network being your most valuable asset... But what good is an asset if you don’t use it effectively? In sales, there is a lot of apprehension against working with friends and family. This week, we cover why your powerbase is a critical component to sales success, as well as strategies to integrate it effectively into your business and your life. Learn how to elevate your sales results in episode 2 of our new sales mastery series.


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00:19- Intro

03:00- Why this series is valuable for anyone

04:20- Tapping into your most valuable asset

07:00- Utilizing your network

09:45- Apprehensions against selling to people you know

12:00- People do business with people they like

13:50- Helping people with your product

17:00- Follow-up with people you know

18:30- Keeping up with your power base

23:30- Growing your power base