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Ace Weekly

Mar 19, 2019

Circles of Influence.

What is your most valuable asset? And how can you be doing right now to maximize the value of that asset?

This week Andrew is joined by his co-host, Luke Miseyko, to talk about the value of your network and the impact of others in your life. They spend time analyzing how you are impacted by your "Circles of Influence," how to upgrade your circles, and the value of mentorship. Most people are oblivious to the ways that they are influenced by the people around them. There is both subconscious and physical influence that your circles of friends have on you, so upgrading those circles and increasing your network must become critical components to your success.

00:20- Intro to today’s show & update on the growth of the podcast

3:15- Introducing Luke Miseyko, the co-host

5:05- Your most important asset and the nature of opportunity

06:25- Handling rejection and operating from a state of abundance 

09:55- Getting past the initial stage of rejection 

12:20- 3 things needed to take advantage of opportunity 

13:25- The importance and power of your network

15:45- How our network played a role in the launching of this show

17:05- Viewing your network as an asset and developing that asset 

18:30- You are a direct reflection of your network 

22:30- Being intentional with your circles of influence

27:15- Reevaluating your circles

31:40- The ease of finding mentors in modern day society

36:25- Adding to your circle and the law of reciprocity 

43:50- What not to do when adding to your circle and how to ask the right questions

45:45- How to be persistent 

49:05- Final thoughts on circles of influence and being intentional