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Ace Weekly

Oct 27, 2020

WHO changes everything... 

As entrepreneurs & leaders, we are told lies about how, what, and why... WHO is really all that matters. Who you are when you’re negotiating a million dollar deal is very different than who you are on Sunday night with your family. Learning how to master your own physiology can change the game for how you operate in any situation.
Wealth hacking consultant, Wall Street Journal best selling author, and master of psychology & physiology Charles Schwartz joins the show this week. Charles talks about lessons he learned working in a hospice for wealthy people at a young age, and insights on common lies we are told in the success space. 
Charles operates against the grain of the traditional “hustle culture” that dominates the success space today. He values freedom over status and uses insightful energy hacks to influence people’s psychology & physiology.
Tune in this week to understand a different perspective on leadership & entrepreneurship, along with some useful physiological energy hacks & body language triggers that are valuable for anyone in a position of influence.
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00:19- Intro
02:30- Introducing Charles Schwartz
04:30- How Charles got into coaching
11:00- Lessons from working in hospice
13:00- Why TV may be the biggest regret of your life
17:00- Hard work won’t set you free
20:00- Hunting freedom vs status
22:00- 3 main lies were told as entrepreneurs
25:00- Who you really are is what matters 
30:00- Priming & breathing to change your state
35:00- Shocking your limbic system with energy snaps
44:00- Body language hacks for negotiation 
49:00- How culture changes these hacks
53:00- How to study physiological triggers
57:00- How to get Charles’s book for free