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Ace Weekly

Jul 27, 2020

WHO ARE YOU? Who are you really? What does it take to really figure out who you are? Connecting with your soul, the true essence of you, requires willingly undergoing adversity. It takes pushing yourself to the point of wanting to quit, but burning the boats and finding a way to power through. 


Many people have experienced or will experience what it means to truly PUSH themselves while they're going after a massive goal that they have set out for themselves. But it’s not about hitting the goal. It’s about connecting with who you really are, becoming someone that is extraordinary, and making a habit of breaking past the physical and mental barriers that hold us back. Most people never actually go 100%. It’s impossible to go 100% all the time. Pushes are designed to be short bursts of going past what you thought was your version of going 100%.


This week, Andrew and Luke discuss how you can use “push periods” to break through in any area of your life, and how you can start the journey of really figuring out who you are. Most of our society is considered “soft” because they’ve never willingly put themselves through the adversity that it takes to answer the question “who are you?”


00:19- Intro

08:00- What is a push?

13:00- Burn the boats mentality

16:00- Willingly enduring adversity

24:00- Why most people don’t really know who they are

28:00- Who are you?

32:00- Develop trust with yourself 

39:00- How to set up your own push