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Ace Weekly

Apr 29, 2019

Amanda Goolsby joins Andrew this week to talk about her journey in leadership, contribution, and her identity. Amanda is the founder and CEO of Aligned Success, and she’s spent years mastering how to scale businesses. In the past, she’s helped scale Orange Theory Fitness across the U.S., London, and Germany, and she now helps others with scaling their own businesses through her company Aligned Success. She’s a leader for global transformation and a leader for women in business. 


From the start of the episode, you can feel the power of her heart. She discusses the relationship between achievement and your identity, as well as what it’s like to lose your identity. They also discuss the advantages of integrating masculine and feminine energy in your leadership. This episode brings value to help you develop as a person, but it also gives the specific tips and tactics you can use for recruiting, leadership, and even morning routines you can incorporate to help unlock your human potential. 

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00:20- Intro for today’s show

02:50- Introducing today’s guest, Amanda Goolsby

05:20- Amanda’s background & how her environment shaped her

08:20- Developing discipline at an early age and how discipline gets a bad wrap

10:15- How a jet ski accident changed Amanda’s life and what she learned about building her identity

13:15- Building your identity and the 0 to 100 mentality

15:45- The importance of awareness and learning the programs of your subconscious mind

18:15- Taking control of your circumstances rather than being dictated by them 

20:15- Not letting your ego get in your way when learning from high performers

22:45- Amanda’s bodybuilding career and challenges she faced

25:30- The problem with using achievement as your identity 

27:30- Unlocking human potential through your interactions every day

30:30- Seeing everything as a gift and being open to receiving them

33:30- Supporting others to skip the learning curve through every day conversations

36:00- The relationship between achievement and contribution 

39:00- Stepping out of the safety and certainty of your comfort zone

42:15- How a trip to Africa changed Amanda’s life

45:00- Having the resources to make a change 

47:20- What can you build in 40 years when you stay focused on legacy

50:00- Staying on the quest to fulfill your potential

52:00- The importance of silence/solitude and listening to your heart and trusting yourself

56:00- Tips on being a recruiter and finding people who are hungry and committed to growth 

59:00- Key components to scaling a business and developing your entrepreneurial operating system 

1:01:00- Using a unified vision to succeed as an organization

1:04:15- How to develop leaders

1:06:00- Developing leaders by being committed to developing yourself

1:09:00- Integrating masculine and feminine energy in the future of leadership 

1:12:00- Leadership through love and connection

1:15:00- Openness to new ideas and finding the value in everything