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Ace Weekly

Mar 25, 2019

On this week’s podcast, Andrew kicks off our “Under 30” series. In this series, we feature successful people under the age of 30 to give a unique perspective for young people. 


Eric Chandler couldn’t be a more appropriate guest to kick off the “Under 30” series. Eric is a national champion wrestler, Hall of Fame sales rep at his company, and he currently operates and owns his own business which now employs over 20 people. Eric gives a unique perspective on life. He grew up as an underdog which shaped his mentality and how he views adversity. He’s climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with a major knee injury, and even survived a shipwreck! In the interview, Eric and Andrew teach lessons on work ethic, having the right expectations, and persevering through adversity to separate yourself in life. 



00:19- Intro

02:02- Announcing the ‘Under 30’ series & introducing Eric Chandler

04:50- Eric’s childhood

08:20- How Eric’s twin brother contributed toward his work ethic & excellence

11:00- Being driven by the vision of victory 

15:45- Growing up as an underdog 

17:30- Eric’s college career

19:20- Getting a job to support himself as a collegiate

21:20- How growing up poor inspired Eric’s vision 

24:25- Working in sales and management and the nature of hard work

28:05- Having proper expectations with goal setting

32:00- The biggest problem with millennials 

34:50- Building confidence through doing the work

38:10- How Eric launched his business after college

42:00- Taking advantage of opportunity through action

43:00- Leveraging people and systems to grow and scale a business

45:10- Serving others and building a legacy

49:00- Networking at business events and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

52:10- Persevering through adversity

55:50- Changing your perspective on stories of adversity and a CRAZY story from Eric

1:02:35- You are the culmination of decisions you make on a daily basis

1:04:50- Eric’s advice for young people and finding mentorship today

1:08:45- Conclusion to today’s show