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Ace Weekly

Sep 23, 2019

MAKE DECISIONS based off of who you want to be rather than how you feel in the current moment. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the decisions you make. Our life is made up of small decisions compounding over time. What you eat, when you wake up, your attitude, your effort... ultimately how you feel stems from your commitment to certain decisions. Most people make decisions based off of how they feel, and they are consistently held back by these small decisions that compound over time. Tune in this week as Andrew talks about the process of making decisions and how you can leverage that to become who you want to be.
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00:19- Intro
2:30- What determines the quality of your life
4:00- You are in control
6:30- Most problems are solved with commitment
9:30- The decision train
11:30- Making decisions regardless of how you feel
14:30- Knowing what you want to make the right decisions