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Ace Weekly

Mar 23, 2020

TRANSPARENCY CHANGES EVERYTHING: In the current climate of fear and uncertainty with the Coronavirus pandemic taking the world by storm, transparency is more important than ever. People are sick & tired with the lack of transparency & trust in our society. This week, Paul Pagnato joins the show to talk about the new “Wave of Transparency” rolling over our culture today. 


Paul Pagnato is the CEO of PagnatoKarp, a wealth management firm with almost $5 Billion in assets. He’s been ranked as a top financial advisor by Forbes, Barrons, and other top authorities in the financial industry. He’s had extensive experience working for Merrill Lynch, and has even worked with NASA as a microbiologist searching for extra-terrestrial life. He’s an author & speaker who has worked with top universities & corporations sharing his expertise and impacting as many lives as possible. 


Paul talks about the role of transparency in our society, the value of mentorship, and the differentiator of high performers. He also shares his thoughts and gives a mature perspective with what is going on in our world with Coronavirus and its impact on our economy. 


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00:19- Intro

02:00- Introducing Paul Pagnato

04:00- Paul’s background in microbiology & working for NASA 

07:30- Thoughts on COVID-19 and it’s impact on the economy 

14:00- Transparency changes everything 

19:00- Seeking mentors

24:00- What differentiates high performers?

29:00- Transparency & trust quickening the path to success

33:00- 3 massive waves of innovation 

35:00- Is it possible to be too transparent?

39:00- The 6 T’s of transparency

42:00- What can young people read/study to get them on the fast track for success

46:00- How to prepare for an exponentially changing environment 

49:00- What should someone look for in a financial advisor?