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Ace Weekly

Mar 10, 2020

This week marks the 1 year anniversary of the ACE Weekly podcast! As we look back on a full year of ACE Weekly, we can’t help but notice just how much can change or shift in one year. 

This week Andrew covers the 5 fundamental keys to changing your life dramatically over the course of a year. Change doesn’t just happen. It takes a balance of mindset and action to be in a completely different place a year from now than you are today. In 1 year you can dramatically change the state or your finances, health, relationships, or even just your perspective on the world. Listen to this week's episode to learn those 5 keys, and to ultimately end up in a place you never thought was imaginable the next time you reach a benchmark where you’re forced to look back and reflect on who you’ve become. 


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00:19- Intro + Ace Weekly Anniversary

04:00- New contest for $100 gift card

05:30- Times to reflect

08:00- 1 year from now can be completely different

11:00- Being open to change

13:00- Searching for new perspectives & growth

17:00- Knowing yourself 

18:00- Sage over saboteur

20:00- Nothing matters without action