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Ace Weekly

May 27, 2019

Grit. Openness. Love. Jake Merriman joins ACE Weekly to share his perspective on being a leader of leaders. Jake has a unique background as someone who developed his entrepreneurial drive while entering the biomedical field in his fellowship at Harvard. From there he muscled his way into the industry of personal growth and coaching. He has spent the past decade coaching top performers and pursuing his mission of leading others through love and service. He focuses on the importance of love and openness when finding fulfillment in your journey. Jake and Andrew dive deep on what it means to embody love and connection in the human experience while realizing one’s full potential.


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00:18-introduction for today’s show

02:30- Introducing Jake Merriman

04:30- Jake’s childhood growing up between New Hampshire and Germany and adjusting to different cultures

07:30- The deeper the wound, the greater the gift

10:00- Developing an entrepreneurial spirit within the biomedical industry

13:30- Working as a salesman within the biomedical industry

15:00- Challenges within the industry when first starting in sales and unique ways of dealing with anxiety 

17:30- Searching for fulfillment and forcing your way into an industry

23:00- Starting off in the coaching industry and developing your craft

25:00- The value of education based on what you’re learning

27:00- Specializing in coaching millennials 

30:30- Starting ‘Abundant’, Jake’s mastermind group at the time

32:30- Being a leader of leaders, and the role of love in leadership

39:00- Using progress and improvement as a standard for yourself over beating yourself up

43:00- The responsibility of living up to your full potential 

45:00- Jake’s advice for young people