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Ace Weekly

May 18, 2020

THE NEW NORMAL: Are you waiting for things to go back to normal? So many people are waiting to fix their routines, waiting to get in shape, or waiting to make the big move in their business when things “go back to normal." But the way things are lining up, it looks like things won’t really be going back to ‘normal.' The new normal is that there is no normal anymore. Our society is changing at an exponential rate. 

It’s easy to look at Covid-19 and recognize that it is the craziest thing to happen in our lifetimes. But if you’re waiting for things to go back to normal, you’ll be waiting forever. With the impact of growing technology, media propaganda, and society at a halt, any sense of normalcy is in the past. The next 5-10 year window will likely shape human history. Andrew & Luke discuss leadership principles, corona, microchips, bill gates, and much more on this week's episode.
00:19- Intro
04:00- Survival vs Self-actualization
10:00- Mainstream media & coronavirus
17:00- Don’t be on the wrong side of history
24:00- We’re not going back to “normal”
28:00- The exponential nature of technology
32:00- There is no more normal 
36:00- Skill development in changing times 
41:00- The world is desperate for leaders