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Ace Weekly

Jan 6, 2020

POLITICAL MARKETING MASTERMIND, Phillip Stutts, joins Andrew Evans this week on ACE Weekly. Phillip Stutts has worked as a digital marketer for political campaigns for over 2 decades. He’s managed multi-billion dollar marketing budgets contributing to over 1200 election victories, including 3 presidential campaigns. Phillip discusses how his background of rejection & living with incurable illness has lead to a life of determination & willpower.  Andrew and Phillip cover future market trends and dive into some adverse effects on industries that most people don’t think about, as well as Phillip’s unique marketing strategies and how they translate from politics to corporate America. 


At the end of the show, Phillip Stutts includes a free marketing audit offer for your business at 


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00:19- Intro 

03:00- Introducing Phillip Stutts

05:00- Phillip’s background and experiencing rejection 

09:00- Taking extreme ownership 

12:00- Enjoying the journey 

14:00- Living with a terminal disease & finding a cure 

20:00- Determination & willpower

22:00- The nuance of political marketing

28:00- Client-focused marketing

30:00- The undefeated marketing formula

36:00- Asking the 2nd & 3rd questions about future economic disruptions

40:00- Trend’s most people are unaware of

44:00- Relationship-based marketing

48:00- Thinking before we act 

51:00- Free marketing audit offer-