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Ace Weekly

Apr 22, 2019

Imagine what would happen if we could increase the world’s level of gratitude by 1%? This is the mission of the Mr. Thank You project started by John Israel. John committed to writing 5 thank you cards every single day for a year, and he joins the podcast to share how that choice has impacted him and the world. 


As John shares, “Our objective is to help people make gratitude a habit, not just by writing about it in a journal, or ‘thinking happy thoughts’, but by living gratitude as an expression in your life.” Through this week’s podcast, John shows the impact that gratitude can have on you, the people that surround you, and even how it can impact your business. His story shows how committing to a keystone habit that aligns with your core values can impact and change the world.

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00:20- Intro to today’s show

01:57- John Israel’s intro

03:45- John’s childhood and how it shaped his thinking

07:00- How John shifted his perception of sales and used it to become independent 

11:45- The payoff of working sales and how socio-economic backgrounds can affect what drives someone

13:40- How John separated himself from his peers in college

14:40- How reading a book changed John’s life

19:05- Learning to ask great questions and how to be the highlight of everyone’s day

20:20- Learning to be a good listener, having a greater sense of empathy for all people, and finding your why

23:50- What all people deserve and getting to know people more deeply

28:30- Determining your values 

30:00- Doing the best with what you have and the importance of gratitude

33:00- Finding the gift in every situation

35:32- The start of the Mr. Thank You project

39:00- How John used his ‘why’ to determine his mission

44:00- The power of keystone habits 

46:50- Setting rules for yourself

51:45- What happens when you commit to a habit project 

56:10- Becoming a good-finder and overcoming negative bias 

1:00:08- Being curious about who people are and the impact of the Mr. Thank You Project

1:003:47- How the Mr. Thank You project can change you and the world through a multiplying impact 

1:09:00- Assignment for the listeners

1:12:08- Granting people purpose and meaning through gratitude

1:14:35- Elevating your emotional state with gratitude & how gratitude plays a role in business 

1:17:01- The consequence of not saying thank you

1:19:30- The freedom of commitment