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Ace Weekly

Jun 10, 2019

Have you ever been thinking about someone, and then seconds later they called you? Have you ever had anxiety or a feeling about something bad occurring and then it did? Have you ever felt like someone is watching you but you don’t know why?


The very nature of human consciousness is complicated and misunderstood using traditional science. On today’s show, we’re diving into the science behind the nature of consciousness, the brain, and anomalies in our understanding of materialism. This show challenges you to be curious before you’re critical, a valuable perspective to have in any field of study. 


Today’s guest, Mark Gober is the author behind the revolutionary book, An End to Upside Down Thinking. Mark dives into the extraordinary evidence behind human perception, awareness, and seemingly impossible ESP abilities. As a former behavioral economics student at Princeton, his research in quantum physics and the nature of consciousness shakes our traditional view of materialism. This podcast and book will challenge you to rethink your outlook about existence, your identity, and overall worldview. 


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00:18- Introduction to today’s show

02:00- Introducing Mark Grober

06:15- Mark’s schooling at Princeton playing tennis and how he stayed self-motivated 

11:45- Mark’s studies in behavioral economics and challenging the assumptions of human rationality and psychology

15:30- Mark’s early career in investment banking 

20:00- Recognizing early-on that he needed a career change

22:30- Being curious over critical

29:00- Doing your own research based off of your curiosity challenging traditional scientific standpoints

31:00- Coming to your own conclusions based on facts and studies 

32:30- Understanding the traditional view of materialism and it’s relationship with consciousness 

35:15- Information challenging our traditional view of materialism and the inspiration to write his book

38:00- Why the nature of consciousness is important for your day to day life and your identity

39:00- Challenging the scientific assumption that our brain produces consciousness 

41:30- The brain as a filter/receiver of consciousness 

44:00– The hard problem is consciousness being fundamental to reality

48:00- Studies on remote viewing, precognition, and telepathy

49:30- When statistical significance challenges people’s paradigms

51:30- Consciousness as our subjective inner experience

53:00- The bias of our physical perceptions 

55:00- Challenging the status quo

57:30- How to evaluate evidence that challenges your worldview 

59:00- Quantum physics questioning the rationality of Newtonian physics 

1:00:00- The concept of entanglement

1:01:20- The observer effect

1:05:00- Studies in ESP and the telepathy experiments 

1:08:00- The validity of these studies 

1:10:00- Psychedelics and savants and the nature of reality

1:14:00- Collective nature of consciousness in society with calamities

1:17:00- Why this is important