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Ace Weekly

Dec 9, 2019

THE ACE2020 BLUEPRINT IS HERE! The #ACE2020 series has been in the works for a few weeks now, and this week we finally release the ACE2020 Blueprint. This blueprint is a document designed to help you reflect on 2019, build long term vision, and create a plan to hit your goals in 2020. This weeks episode, Andrew and Luke walk through exactly how to execute utilizing the blueprint to make the most out of your 2020 planning. Join the movement!


The ACE2020 Blueprint can be downloaded at:


Share your vision for 2020 on social media iwh hashtags #Ace2020 and #2020Vision.

Tag @andrewevansofficial to win coaching calls with Andrew, Luke, or some of our previous guests on the podcast as well as some free prizes and merch!


00:19- Intro

02:00- The ACE Movement and the ACE 2020 series

05:00- Share this document and your vision with others

06:30- How to go through the blueprint

08:00- Morning routine

12:00- Starting with gratefulness

13:30- Phase 1: Reflection

15:00- Reflections and vision on relationships

18:00- Comparing to previous years’ lessons

21:00- Phase 2: Vision & Core Values

22:30- Importance of core values

26:30- Vision for the 6 F’s

28:00- Phase 3: Goal setting & Planning

30:00- Calendar allocation and the 12-week year 

33:00- Vision board

34:30- Be prepared to recover if you fall off

35:45- It’s the journey, not the destination