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Ace Weekly

Jan 28, 2020

SUCCESS IS A CHOICE... Nothing more and nothing less. This week’s podcast is a little bit different from most episodes. As this movement continues, it’s becoming clearer that the core principles of success are not complicated. The information is out there, and ultimately success is a decision. There’s a difference between knowledge and application. That disconnect lies in a choice that each and every person must make for themselves. It may be hard to swallow, but success isn’t for everyone. It’s important to understand your own values and priorities to define your own version of success.


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00:19- Intro 

3:30- Growth is repetitive

06:00- Whats really important to you

08:30- Cut yourself some slack

09:30- Operating from necessity

11:00- Knowledge is not application

12:00- Do you really want it?

14:00- Are you ok with average?

17:00- How to instantly get better

19:00- Success is a choice