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Ace Weekly

Apr 15, 2019

How important is money? Is it selfish to do something just to make money? We hear it now more than ever, money is the root of all evil! Some people grow up in families where they don’t openly talk about money. To take it a step further, some people automatically associate money with corruption.

Regardless of how much money you have, we’ve all grown up with some sort of preconceived notion about the role money plays in our lives. This week, Andrew and Luke talk about why MONEY MATTERS. While it shouldn’t be your motivation for success, it matters a lot more than most people give credit. Listen in this week to hear why money may matter more than you think.


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00:20- Introduction to today’s show

03:40- Is it ok to do something just to make money?

05:00- Is money the root of all evil?

07:05- Money as a platform for influence & impact 

09:40- Needing money to take advantage of opportunities 

11:15- How a lack of money causes core problems for people 

13:10- Money as a source of freedom

15:30- Going against the grain to make a difference 

16:30- How financial freedom solves problems 

21:25- Becoming a 5-star recruit with your money

25:30- Falling into the financial trap

31:10- The importance of getting money on point while you’re young 

33:15- Money as a source of safety