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Ace Weekly

Jun 17, 2019

What separates the elite performers from the people that struggle to reach the top? How does competition affect your standards, systems, and processes? Why do top performers feel unfulfilled after they reach the top? This week, Andrew and Luke discuss the nature of competition. It’s not enough to just be #1. Success and leadership require a different standard. How do Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, and Lebron James stay motivated when they’re on top of the world? It all comes down to having DOMINATION as your STANDARD and looking outside the performance of others for your own success.


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00:19- Intro

03:45- Contest announcement

05:00- Review of the week

06:30- The role of competition

08:00- Competition as a tool

10:00- Being used by competition vs you using competition

12:00- How competing affects your standards

15:00- How competition influenced your processes and innovation 

16:30- Domination vs competition 

18:30- Coolers, Closers, & Cleaners

20:30- Constant competition with yourself