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Ace Weekly

Jun 29, 2020

What does it mean to operate from the standpoint of unconditional joy? Everyone is consumed by their own concept of identity, and it weighs everybody down. Dane Maxwell believes the next frontier of human cognition comes from operating with unconditional joy. He talks about the importance of your identity as a leader & entrepreneur. 


It would be easy to list Dane Maxwell’s accolades as a serial entrepreneur, but this episode exposes him as someone who just does what makes him happy. For him, that stems from scaling businesses that help people. Dane discusses his book, Start From Zero which lays the groundwork for any profitable business. He’s taken multiple companies from zero to seven figures within a couple years. Andrew & Dane have a profound discussion on the common personality traits of successful entrepreneurs, as well as the ability to change ones personality & identity to achieve long-term success.



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Dane Maxwell


00:19- Intro

04:00- The joy of entrepreneurship

08:00- Dane’s book Start From Zero

11:00- Building the 4 brains

15:00- Money systems

22:00- Don’t make it personal

28:00- Understand the concept of identity

37:00- Releasing your identity to serve

41:00- Work from a place of unconditional joy

46:00- What separates the successful?

52:00- The 4 growth levels of an entrepreneur

56:00- Unconscious humility