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Ace Weekly

Oct 14, 2019

SEE IT FIRST: Do you see yourself accomplishing your goals in the manner that you desire? Have you already seen it happen in your head? Many people talk about "manifesting your goals," but what exactly does that mean? When your vision is clear, you naturally do what needs to get done in order to achieve it. The best performers in every industry have a clear vision on exactly how and why they are going to succeed. This week, Andrew and Luke discuss the power and importance of manifesting your goals through visualization in every area of your life. 
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00:19- Intro 
03:00- Challenges in growth
06:20- Visualizing your goals
08:55- Seeing things happen before they happen
10:30- Filmmakers mentality
14:00- Visualization exercises
16:30- How this is applicable in any setting
18:30- Developing the habit of visualization 
21:00- Visualization in the moment
25:00- Never give up
27:00- Technique vs mentality