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Ace Weekly

Sep 8, 2020

Some millennials DO NOT have what it takes to endure the roller coaster of entrepreneurship. Most people rotate from job to job never fully committing or applying themselves. Longevity is a trait of the past and a big inhibitor on the success of young people today. 


Sharon Vinderine, founder of Parent Tested Parent Approved, joins the podcast this week to share some wisdom for young entrepreneurs. She EMBODIES the relentless nature to be able to endure the emotional highs and lows (mostly lows) of business. If you aren’t willing to put yourself through the ringer, the relentless world of entrepreneurship may not be for you. 


Sharon shows what it takes to build a business from scratch, and push through the realm of instant gratification that holds society back today. Her story will both inspire you and make you grateful for how much easier it is to get a business going now vs  10-15 years ago.


If you have any aspirations for leadership, business, or entrepreneurship, you CANNOT AFFORD to miss this week’s episode.


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00:19- Intro

03:00- Introducing Sharon Vinderine

06:30- How Sharon got started in entrepreneurship

14:00- The importance of Passion

16:30- Innate nature of entrepreneurship

20:00- Challenges in starting PTPA

22:00- Building a brand from scratch 

25:00- How easy it is to start a business in 2020

28:00- How instant gratification kills development

32:00- The importance of commitment and longevity

38:00- Advice for getting started in entrepreneurship

41:00- How to become a problem solver