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Ace Weekly

May 20, 2019

Do you ever have those days where you feel like everything that can possibly go wrong is going wrong? Ever feel like you’re getting your teeth kicked in at every turn? Everyone experiences this.
The difference between top performers and average people is the mental game used to handle these days, or even weeks full of adversity. When this happens, most people quit too early. Most people never experience the good because they can’t handle the pain.
This week, Andrew records solo as he shares his experience and perspective on facing constant pain and rejection. Nobody remembers the success story that was rainbows and butterflies all the way through. Pain, adversity, and rejection are prerequisites for your journey through success.
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00:19- Introduction to today’s show
02:40- Request for today’s show
04:40- When times are tough and you’re in a rut 
06:00- Questioning whether you have what it takes
08:30- Success lies on the other side of struggle 
09:50- Most people quit too early
11:00- How much pain and rejection can you take?
12:45- Why you need to become  addicted to the pain/rejection
14:00- Why you shouldn’t want to have it easy
16:00- Using adversity to drive you
17:30- You have 2 choices
18:30- The reality of being a top performer
20:00- The inner game of silencing excuses