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Ace Weekly

Aug 24, 2020

Most young businesses & entrepreneurs have NO CLUE how their finances really work.


How do young entrepreneurs take their business to the next level financially? Money within a business grows exponentially rather than linearly. This means that the principles of finance & cash flow change depending on the stage of your life or business!


Robert Gonzalez has been growing people professionally, personally, and especially financially for over 15 years. As he was introduced into the sales world and running a small business, he quickly became responsible for for the PROFITABILITY of the business outside of the day to day operations. Too many entrepreneurs wait way too long to figure out both their personal & business finances. Robert began taking what he learned and applied it to what lead to a financial consulting career. He has 10Xed million dollar startups in as little as 2 years with the financial principles he teaches. 


This interview is PACKED with practical knowledge whether you’re a student wondering how to build credit, a young entrepreneur adjusting from the startup to the growth stage of your business, or just an everyday person looking to bring your personal finances to the next level. 


Andrew & Robert discuss the lack of financial acumen taught in schools today, common financial pitfalls for recent graduates & entrepreneurs, how to organize accounts to support yourself & your business, as well as working through the financial growing pains of scaling a business. You CAN’T AFFORD to miss this! It’s time to make MONEY MOVES during the pandemic!


00:19- Intro

03:20- Introducing Robert Gonzalez

07:00- How Robert got into finance without formal schooling

14:00- Profitability & pitfalls for entrepreneurs 

22:00- At what point do you need someone else taking care of your finances?

28:00- How to organize accounts to support your personal & business finances

33:00- Taking advantage of credit cards & reward programs 

45:00- Taking advantage of the pandemic financially

50:00- Leadership during the pandemic 

54:00- Getting from the startup phase to the growth phase financially