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Ace Weekly

Mar 16, 2020

The REAL Brad Lea: "Success is not complicated. You really just have to be real with yourself. Once you have that self-awareness, everything comes down to skillset, mindset, and habits." Brad Lea joins ACE Weekly to talk about the simplicity of success, and the lessons he’s learned the hard way through decades of experience. 


Brad Lea is the founder & CEO of LightSpeed VT, as well as one of the leading influencers in the sales & entrepreneurship space. He is the leading authority on sales development & web-based training with his interactive platform that’s used by leading sales professionals worldwide, such as Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, and Zig Ziglar. 


Brad is authentic, funny, and real with his approach on the world. Tune in this week to hear from one of the heavy hitters in the sales & entrepreneurship arena!


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00:19- Intro

02:00- Introducing Brad Lea

04:00- What started Brad’s entrepreneurial journey

06:00- Skillset, mindset, & habits

09:00- Why working hard isn’t enough

13:00- The changing landscape of education 

19:00- Advice for students

21:00- Starting Lightspeed

24:00- 4 key ingredients to training people

29:00- Staying ahead with interactive content 

40:00- Getting anything you want in 90 days

43:00- Changing your beliefs & regaining your confidence 

46:00- Mind, money, health, and honey

49:00- Delayed gratification with your money

52:00- Top skills for young people today