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Ace Weekly

Jul 1, 2019

MASCULINE & FEMININE ENERGY: Most people don’t know that everyone possesses both masculine and feminine energy. Tapping into these energies has lasting effects on your personal life, your relationships, and even your career. This week, Elizabeth Webb, a personal psychology and performance coach, joins the show to share her untraditional view of how you can tap into parts of you that you may not even know exist. She’s coached celebrities and changed the trajectory of large corporations with her work in both business and relationship coaching. She touches on intuition in decision making, channeling masculine & feminine energy, as well as the effect of relationships and dating on your career.





00:19- Intro

03:30- Introducing Elizabeth Webb

05:00- Elizabeth’s early career and aspirations

11:00- Changing career aspirations

13:00- Transparency in coaching 

15:00- Tapping in

21:00- Leaning in and trusting yourself

23:00- Relationship & business coaching 

27:00- Masculine & feminine energy

35:30- The distinction of the soul and ego in decision making

40:00- How we get our message out and effects of social media

43:00- Intuition in business

45:00- Relationships and dating’s effect on business

48:00- increasing your potential when you’re with the right person

49:30- Common problems with masculinity in relationships 

53:30- Common problems with femininity in relationships