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Ace Weekly

Mar 11, 2019

How to Stay Motivated.

How do we stay motivated to reach the goals that we set for ourselves? Why do people wait until New Years to start taking steps to become the person that they need to be? Why do people rarely hit the goals they set out to accomplish?


These are the questions Andrew answers on this week’s podcast. The ability to set meaningful goals and achieve them sets apart the best from the mediocre. Anybody can take steps towards hitting their goals when they’re feeling motivated, but what happens on those days where we don’t have the motivation to move forward? This is what holds back most people from ever achieving what they set out to achieve. Andrew covers his keys to success when it comes to setting goals, achieving what you set out to do, and the role motivation needs to play in your success. 


Show Notes

00:19: Introduction to today’s show

01:30: Request for today’s show

02:23: Setting meaningful goals & the nature of New Years resolutions

04:06: Why most people don’t hit their goals

04:49: The role of motivation in hitting your goals 

07:02: The role of commitment over motivation 

07:30: Your disciplinary muscle 

09:06: How we do one thing is how we do everything 

10:28: Building self-confidence 

12:36: Start with why to win the inner battle

16:35: 4 steps to set goals and stay motivated