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Ace Weekly

Oct 21, 2019

WORLD SERIES CHAMPION strength and performance coach for the New York Yankees, nationally recognized keynote speaker, best-selling author, and business executive/entrepreneur performance coach, Dana Cavalea joins ACE Weekly to bring a unique perspective on growth and lessons he’s learned along his journey. Dana has worked with some of the top performers in all of sports such as Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mariano  Rivera, and Joe Torre. He’s also the author of Habits of a Champion. Dana went from a towel boy to a World Series champion performance coach, learning valuable lessons from top performers along the way. He dives into the power of culture within the Yankees organization, the importance of mastering your own mind, as well as the role of fitness in the business and entrepreneurship arena.


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00:19- Intro 

03:00- Introducing Dana Cavalea

05:00- Dana’s background 

09:00- The power of vision

12:30- Leveraging relationships 

17:00- Laying the foundation 

19:00- Mastering your mind

22:45- Loving to win vs hating to lose

27:00- Lessons learned from top performers

30:00- Trusting yourself 

33:00- Taking advantage of the day to day

36:00- How culture affects individual performance

40:00- Aligning with the culture of the organization 

43:00- The role of fitness in business and in life 

47:45- Results based planning in fitness

51:00- Similarities in fitness and business in the 21st century

54:00- Why athletes make great business executives and entrepreneurs