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Ace Weekly

Dec 7, 2020

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) -  can be one of the most crippling feelings, especially for young people in 2020. EVERYONE feels FOMO. In the day & age of social media, the "fear of missing out" hits us from all sides. Often times it’s not even about missing out, it’s about having the perception that there’s something better out there than what we’re currently doing. We have no idea if it lines up with reality, but it still drives us crazy! FOMO can also just be the feeling of being left out. Everyone feels it, and it’s impossible to get rid of, so we must learn to control it.


Patrick McGinnis coined the term “FOMO” back in 2004 while at the Harvard Business School. He’s an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and host of the podcast “FOMOsapiens” who specializes  in this realm of fear that affects us everyday. This week, Patrick joins ACE Weekly to talk about how we can handle that fear, and how flexibility through chaotic times can keep us sane. We all suffer from FOMO... tune in this week to learn how you can handle it and take on life with the flexibility you deserve. 


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Show Notes:

00:19- Intro 

05:00- The origin of FOMO

10:00- The value of autonomy

13:00- Business leaders stepping up politically

17:00- Starting the day from a positive place

21:00- From The Wall Street dream to entrepreneur

25:00- The 2 aspects of FOMO

28:00- How to make faster better decisions

38:00- FOGO: Fear of going out & Covid-19

42:00- How irrational fear is killing us

45:00- Flexibility through change

49:00- The 10% entrepreneurs

57:00- What kind of lifestyle do you want?