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Ace Weekly

Jul 20, 2020

FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT! Most people are so focused on what they don’t want. It clouds their actions and appreciation for the process.


This week’s guest on ACE WEEKLY is proven in the realm of sales, business, and philanthropy. Jeremy Neves is a founder, investor, & consultant who is known for taking entrepreneurs to the next level in their lives & business. Not only is he highly successful in the business arena at the young age of 33, but he also is a part of an undercover team responsible for saving the victims of human trafficking.


Get ready to take notes! This interview is filled with value for young people getting started in sales or entrepreneurship, lessons on scaling businesses to hundreds of employees, and inspiration for those looking to make a difference in the world. Jeremy’s track record as an entrepreneur, father, man of faith, and humanitarian speaks for itself. 


This is an episode you DO NOT want to miss! This episode is filled with inspiring lessons, hilarious Lamborghini stories, and wisdom about focusing on what you want. 

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00:19- Intro

03:30- Introducing Jeremy Neves

05:30- Growing up with entrepreneurial parents

09:00- Aligning your mission with your business

13:00- Getting started in sales

17:00- Scaling a business too fast 

23:00- Fighting to make it work 

30:00- Jeremy’s fight against Human Trafficking 

38:00- Human trafficking in America

43:00- Wild Lamborghini story

50:00- Focusing on what you want