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Ace Weekly

Nov 30, 2020

Have you been putting off that one big thing? Maybe it’s starting a project, developing another stream of income, getting on the right health & fitness plan, or even just picking up a new hobby. Those that go out and become extraordinary are the DOERS. Vinnie Tortorich is a DOER. Not only is he a top-notch celebrity personal trainer, but he’s also run businesses from a small age, he’s written best selling books, produced over 1,700 podcast episodes, and he’s the mastermind behind FAT: A Documentary. 


The diet industry has been lying to you. America is fat because of misinformation at the forefront of the health & fitness industry. Vinnie is known for speaking out against the lies that are perpetrated in the fitness industry. People’s good intentions have been stolen. They’ve been duped. No matter how healthy people eat, there always seems to be another problem with their diet, and everyone has an opinion that they push as fact. 


Vinnie sheds light on a few of these lies, discusses why America is fat, and talks about the future of health & fitness in America. Beyond that, Vinnie has valuable insight for any entrepreneurs or leaders looking to become DOERS instead of procrastinators. 


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Show Notes

00:19- Intro

03:00- Introducing celebrity trainer Vinnie Tortorich

08:00- Lower education & business

12:00- Hands-on learning through school

18:00- The art of making deals

21:00- How Vinnie got started in personal training & fitness

29:00- Quick execution

33:00- Failure quotients

38:00- Getting into the documentary industry

45:00- Why is America fat?

50:00- 3 easy ingredients to limit and get in shape

55:00- What is the future for fitness & health?

63:00- Get to know everybody