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Ace Weekly

Mar 10, 2019

In the first ACE Weekly interview, Andrew sits down with Derek Lundsten, CEO of a modern mobile learning, development, and training technology firm called Scrimmage. 


Derek is a leader in sales, marketing, technology, and entrepreneurship. Outside of being the CEO of a global software firm, Derek’s experience has had a focus on business development at leading research, intelligence, technology and training organizations by delivering successful solutions and driving customer retention.  


Derek talks about a unique perspective on success grounded in adding value to the lives of others. Andrew dives deep with Derek on cultivating skills to prepare you to take advantage of opportunities, and the importance of vulnerability in business, among many other topics. This episode is a must-listen for young people in any industry as it touches on topics that can impact any area of your life.


00:18- Intro

01:13- Request for today’s show

01:57- Introducing Derek Lundsten, CEO at Scrimmage

03:20- Derek’s upbringing

06:21- How Derek developed his work ethic from a young age

07:37- How the school system didn’t fit Derek and Andrew’s learning style 

10:23- Derek’s family and the effect they’ve had on his relationships and where he is today 

13:05- How a shift from scarcity and fear toward commitment and abundance changed Derek’s relationships and view of failure

16:00- Derek and Andrew evaluate listening to gut feelings vs intellect in decision making

19:45- How to take advice and make decisions

22:45- The importance of identifying core values in a world of information overload

27:07- How Derek’s college and early career set the foundation for his entrepreneurial endeavors

31:07- The importance of developing sales skills early

34:14- Derek’s thought process in taking the leap as an entrepreneur 

37:51- Background on Derek’s company, Scrimmage, and lessons on leadership 

42:04- How to become who you need to be to take advantage of opportunities

43:58- The value of education and how it’s shifting in our society

47:05- How to cultivate vulnerability and the importance of its role in business

53:08- Derek’s mission to impact 1 billion people 

55:48- Derek’s advice for young people